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TDS Gamers Arma 3 server - ZeroKooL - 20-04-2016 08:37 PM

[Image: KTPvFUr.png]

We have just open up our first Arma 3 server running Exile mod, Come have some fun.

We are running multiple missions
[Image: f9Hz4u2.png]

Base Building
[Image: TklMxAu.png]

With AI Driving/Flying all over the map
[Image: tGLMFsK.png]

CUP Vehicals
[Image: 60Dch8d2-d8.jpg]

If you would like to join the server download and install A3Launcher and just search for TDS then just click the play button on the server.

Required Mods:
CUP Units
CUP Weapons
CUP Vehicles

If you use A3Launcher all these mods are downloaded automatically the first time you join the server