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Full Version: BF1 beta thoughts
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what are people's thoughts so far? ive only played the desert map and im unsure if thats the only map available atm but i like the map. Didnt like the rush mode on it much but conquest is alot of fun.

I've mostly only used the scout class so far and im loving sniping, sitting ontop of the hill at point A and picking off everyone trying to get me off A was alot of fun haha. Only flew a plane once and i didnt have my keyboard setup for it and i hate controlling the plane with the mouse and so i did crap in it, that and i kinda flew into the one tall thing in the map <.<

Tanks i didnt get to use much yet but they seem alright, not overpowered but still can pack a punch, its also nice not to worry about everyone with launchers haha
I am enjoying it so far
think I will take it all the way
Mars bar and can of coke stuff you know
I've spent some time flying and getting better at flying.

attack plane - love it, this thing loves attacking bomber planes, not good at dogfighting with a fighter plane but i did beat one once. I also like its ability to take out ground targets

Bomber - i loath it and think it is useless

Fighter - is ridiculously good at dogfighting, i actually get bored using this plane because i spawn take out enemy planes and then have nothing to do till they respawn lol, it sucks at taking out ground targets
So i was looking at the bf1 packs, and apparently only the ultimate edition comes with premium pass, i was hoping the deluxe edition would come with the premium pass but apparently it doesnt, so now im unsure on if i want to buy the standard one and also grab the premium pass or just grab the ultimate edition, either way its alot of money to spend Sad

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